The message below keeps getting bounced back to me.

I've experienced problems in the past communicating via email with folks who have government addresses - probably connected somehow with government firewalls. I suggest a personal email address as a good solution for communicating with the world outside the government circles.

Ron Pellegrino

Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 17:07:41 -0700
To: Kree Cole-McLaughlin <>
From: Ron Pellegrino <>
Subject: Re: Just discovered your site.


Great to hear from you. What you're talking about is still inner circle work and will probably remain so for a long time to come. Take your time exploring my site and you'll find it'll provide directions to sites and people in the circle including SF bay area people. Also consider subscribing to the Metaesthetics list - One of the purposes of that list is to provide a global campfire for those on the quest. I think you'd probably enjoy working your way through the list archives and, if you do, please consider joining us.

"Dear Ron,

I just came across your site during one of my cyberspace excursions looking for info on sacred geometry. I am a young developing mathematician, or more precisely I consider myself a student of Alchemy. I have a good friend who is a sampler and inventor of electronic devices. Through my own thoughts and inspiration from him I have been developing ideas to do what it sounds like you are doing already. That is creating visual music. My research in Sacred Geometry is essentially driven in that direction. I feel that music can be used as a naturally language to express interdimensional relationships expressed by geometrical theorems."

That's a great path leading in many directions, all good.

"I am only 21, and many of my ideas are purely intuitive right now. I am current working under contract at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California, as a computer programmer. I am using this as an opportunity to develop my programming skills so that I may apply them in the direction of geometry, music, mathematics, etc... However, I am also struggling with the classical dilema of selling my soul to the technological machine. I feel that it is up to us humans, to develop and use technology propely. And I see no better use of our time than purely creative artistic endeavors. This is obviously not what the purpose of the lab is, and so I am seeking people who have spent their time in this manner."

Dues paying is part of a balanced life process. Embrace it but don't be seduced by it and it'll smooth your way. Again, use my site to discover Bay Area folks.

"Thus, I am terribly excited to have found your website. I would like to know where you are located right know, and if I could attend one of your performances. If not perhaps you could give me some advice on people I can talk to about this kind of stuff in the SF bay area.

Thank you very much,
Kree Cole-McLaughlin"

I'm in the final transitional stages of moving my physical life to Redding so my time is more than occupied and will remain that way for a least the rest of the summer. Let's stay in touch and I hope my site gives you some of the leads your seeking.

Ron Pellegrino

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